About ACSG

The Autistic Children's Support Group of Worcester County, Inc. is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing parent-to-parent support for families living with Autism and related developmental disabilities. We are always looking for additional volunteers to provide a new perspective and assist with planning events, meetings, and reaching out to group members; if you would like more information about becoming part of the board and helping others in the our community, please contact us!

Who we serve:

ACSG helps families who live in Worcester County, Maryland and surrounding areas and have a family member with Autism. ACSG was formed by parents wishing to help each other navigate the path that Autism and related disabilities bring to our lives, from therapies and medical interventions to IEPs and Special Education concerns. It is our goal to provide parent-to-parent support so that we all become better informed about what works, what doesn't, and who can help. You are NOT alone!

Getting Support:

Support Group Meetings are held during the school year on a regular basis. We also have a closed/private Facebook group for group members that want to share information, ideas, concerns, and successes!

Please join our Facebook group or email us if you would like more information about upcoming Support Group Meetings and events.

Visit us on Facebook
Visit us on Facebook

Contact Us

If you would like to join the group, attend a support meeting, or contact someone for more information, please contact acsgwc@gmail.com or call 410-352-5011.

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