The Autistic Children's Support Group of Worcester County offers:

  • Support from parent volunteers that have children with special needs
  • Family and Social gatherings along with programs for families that children with Special Needs
  • Regular support group meetings
  • A website with access to other local resources
  • Private Facebook group for members to share information and resources

Motto: Expect a Miracle.

Mission Statement:
By developing partnerships with local government agencies and businesses, our non-profit 501C3 organization can help families with children on the autistic spectrum in Worcester County, MD through providing services such as family support, local resource guidance, community awareness programs and financial therapeutic funding.

Board Members:
President: Ashlie Kozlowski
Vice-President: Trisha Kaufman
Secretary: Kim Corbett
Treasurer: Mary Jock
Parent to Parent Resource Coordinator: Wendy Di Buo
School Liasion Coordinator: Gina Watts
Community Outreach Coordinator: Melissa Esham
Communications Liasion: Lynda Cook

About the Founders:
In 2000, James and Wendy Di Buo's son was diagnosed with Autism and they realized there were limited resources in this area for children with disabilities. Together, they helped lead the local community in passing a referendum that required the county to no longer appoint but elect its school board. In addition, they became activists for children with disabilities. They founded the Autistic Children's Support Group of Worcester County in 2001 so parents would have a place to seek support for their children. The group became Incorporated and a 501(c)(3) Organization in 2002.

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